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Curriculum Provision at Eppleton

The provision of an exciting curriculum is pivotal to how children learn and develop during their time at school. We strive for a balance where the delivery of English and Maths can also be applied creatively to other subjects. Creativity and diversity of teaching are encouraged in every lesson to provide children with the stimulus to really engage in their learning.

We promote a curriculum that prepares children for the next stage of their lives, promoting an appreciation of life in modern Britain and instilling in children a sense of the core British values to enhance their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

At Eppleton Academy Primary we are committed to delivering a stimulating curriculum that not only meets the current Statutory Framework, but also provides enhanced learning by way of whole school projects, enrichment topics and learning outside of the classroom.

As a Community School, all staff are fully committed to providing high quality teaching and learning, backed by first class personalised care and support for all pupils and their families. 

Every class in school is actively involved in KidsReadWrite Review, where we borrow books, read them and write reviews, which are sent to the author of the book, who picks a winner! Click here to see our latest winners on the KidsReadWrite Review website.