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Sports Premium Information for Parents 2016 – 2017



Sport Premium funding is additional funding, given to schools to ensure improvement in the quality of PE and Sport provisions in school for all children.


Basis of allocation – This is calculated using the number of pupils in years 1 to 6, as recorded in the January 2016 census, each school with 17 or more pupils receives £8000.00 plus £5.00 per pupil.


Total number of pupils on roll (excluding Nursery and Reception)


Total amount for eligible children


Base Sport Premium allocation 


Total amount of Sport Premium



How is the Sports Premium used to support learning and teaching of PE in school? 


We will continue to use this additional funding to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision in Eppleton Academy. 


  •   All children receive at least two hours of physical activity per week; this year, children will receive PE for one afternoon per week. This will be taught over two lessons - one with a PE lead teacher in school, the other with an external coach/expert in a sport or discipline beyond our current curriculum. 
  •   We hope that this timetabling will give pupils the opportunity to access an enhanced range of sports beyond that which they would normally enjoy in school. 
  •   In addition, we will extend some of the activities into after-school clubs. 
  •   Some funding will be used to support staff continuous professional development, to up-skill staff, who may then support other staff in school. 
  •   Resources will be purchased that will provide new sporting opportunities, e.g. specific sporting equipment and staff training.


Review of 2015 – 2016


Total amount of Sport Premium received for 2015 – 2016 = £8715.00






Multi Skills Sports


Dance Coaching




Tennis Coaching


Hockey Coaching 


Athletics Coaching 




Swimming Gala


Skipping Festival


Olympic Athlete Event 




Total Costs






Playground Equipment


Field Line Marking 


Maintenance of PE Equipment


Sound Sensory PE Kit 


Sensory Ball Pack


Skip Fit Pack


Footballs/Needles/Bean Bags 


Junior Hockey Coaching Kit


Vertical Mat Trolley


PE Equipment Trolley 


Total Costs







Sportability Events

£80.00 (Transport)

Sunderland Schools Dance Festival

£295.00 (Transport)

Moving & Handling 

£100.00 (Staff CPD)

Total Costs




Staff have also benefited from working with specialist coaches.


Total Expenditure = £10123.34


Overspend of £1408.34 was met from the school budget.


Other activities additional to those covered by Sports Premium


Bikeability – Cycling Proficiency Year 5 – Provided by Local Authority After school Dance Club – led by class teacher.

After school Fit for Life Club – led by class teacher.

After school Football training – led by class teacher.

After school Multi Skills club – led by teaching assistant.

Annual Sports Day – Organised by all staff

Derwent Hill Residential Trip – staffed by committed school staff on a voluntary basis Attendance at Sportability events – some transport provided by school staff Participation in Sunderland Tennis Festival – transport provided by school.


What is the impact of Sport Premium Funding?


  •        Some children, who were initially reluctant participants, are now more active and confident to participate in PE lessons and some have now joined after-school clubs.
  •        In pupil and parent questionnaires, the majority agreed or strongly agreed that the school provides a good range of extra-curricular activities.
  •        Children have benefited from extra sporting days, e.g. those with Olympic athletes.
  •        High quality PE delivered by expert coaches on a weekly basis
  •        Children begin swimming in Year 3 with little or no swimming skills, most achieving 25m by the year end
  •        Children have the opportunity to access a range of after school activity based clubs
  •        We are developing a passion for sport and physical activity with some of our children going on to compete at local and regional level in a variety of disciplines. 

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