Year Three

Chick Fractions
Year 3 visited the newly hatched chicks for a little cuddle, but couldn't resist using them to help with their Maths! The children found 10 chicks in total, and worked out 4/10 were boys and 6/10 were girls.
Touch Tying Success!
Year 3 are learning to touch type.  We know how to sit safely at the computer and can name each of our fingers and the letter keys they should control.  We also know the home, top and bottom keys.  We are working hard to type quicker!
Year 3 Road Safety
Year 3 have been spending time finding out about and practising how to cross the road safely.
World Book Day with Year 3
Year 3 had lots of fun dressing up and taking part in World Book Day activities! Can you guess the characters we are dressed up as?
Year 3 spent time learning how to send and receive emails.  We can even add attachments, change fonts and send to multiple people.
Get Spelling!
Year 3 like to work together to investigate the spellings and meanings of new words.

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