From: Tuesday 19th November 2019 - 9:00am - 11:30am
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36th Annual Northern Children’s Book Festival

As part of our continued drive with reading we are soon going to be welcoming a visiting author in school.

Your child will be attending an event with Simon Bartram on Tuesday 19th November as part of the 36th Annual Northern Children's Book Festival and as part of this he will be bringing signed copies of his books which will be available if children would like to buy a copy.

Please understand that there is absolutely no obligation to buy books but we do want to alert you to the opportunity in order to avoid disappointment.  Often pupils are very inspired to read the author's book after such a visit and this is a unique opportunity for them to have books signed and personally dedicated.  Simon Bartram is the much loved author of the 'Bob-Man on the Moon' series, 'Up for the Cup' and his latest book 'Rufus'.

Research shows that meeting an author will inspire children and help them pursue a love of reading.  We hope your child will enjoy and benefit from this visit.  Please go to our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter or visit for more details.

Northern Children's Book Festival & Sunderland Schools Library Service.

Bob-Man on the Moon - £6.99

Bob's Best Ever Friend - £6.99

Clone Chaos - £4.99