Dedicated "Super" Staff

The team at Eppleton Academy Primary School are super staff in every way. We make a difference because we care. Every child at Eppleton will receive the very best teaching, support and care during their time at the school. Get to know a little more about our team with Teacher Top Trumps. 

Teacher Top Trumps

Mrs Bushby


I love to travel with my beautiful family. I enjoy trying different types of food, especially Italian food.

Aqua Blue
Mind Reading, This would be very helpful in my job as Head Teacher.
Paper Dolls
Kind, honest, funny

Mrs L Jackson

Deputy Headteacher

I've lived in Sunderland all my life and have 2 gorgeous girls who I love talking about. If it is a sunny day you will find us at one of the beautiful beaches. I enjoy running and play in a netball team.

Super Speed - The Flash
101 Dalmatians
Happy, loyal and expressive

Miss Imrie

Nursery Teacher/ PSHE and SMSC Lead

I love to travel the world, discovering new places and exploring other cultures. I enjoy trying different types of food from the countries I visit. I love spending time with my friends and family.

Superhuman speed
The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark
Creative, Dedicated, Caring
Year 1

Mrs Barrow

Year 1 Teacher/ Science Lead

To grant wishes
Guess How Much I Love You
Fun, reliable, friendly
Year 2

Mrs Graham

Year 2 Teacher

I love to spend time with my three boys. We go to our caravan in the countryside and we like bike riding. I am studying a Masters in Education at University.

Eyes in the back of my head.
The Faraway Tree
Friendly, creative and positive
Year 2

Miss Gold

Year 2 Teacher

I have taught at Eppleton Academy for 9 years, working across both key stages.

Princess Smartie Pants
Tall, loud, kind
Year 3

Miss J Rowell

Year 3 Teacher, SENDCO

I love walking my dogs in the fields and at the beach with friends. I have an 18 year old son called Daniel.

Pinks and blue
I'd like an invisibility cloak
Art and Maths
Oh no George & Harry Potter
Lively, entertaining and reliable
Year 4

Mrs C Cowan

Year 4 Teacher

I'm a new teacher but I have worked in lots of schools before. I live with my husband and his children and I enjoy riding my horse and going to music concerts. I am not very good at art.

To not need to sleep so I can get more jobs done.
Music and English
Naughty Amelia Jane by Enid Blyton
Busy, friendly and impatient
Year 5

Miss Defty

Year 5 Teacher / Maths Leader

Enjoy travelling, visiting new countries. I am a football fan, supporting Sunderland and enjoy going to gigs.

Mind Reading
Maths / Art
The Day the Crayons Quit
Loud, funny and strict
Year 6

Mrs Huntingdon

Year 6 Teacher (PE & RE Coordinator)

Love shopping and spending time with family and friends. I regularly get my hair cut for charity.

Time Travel
Kensuke's Kingdom - Michael Morpurgo
Kind, funny and calm

Miss England


I have 2 daughters. I love to travel. I was a medic in the army a long time ago.

To be invisible
English and Child Care
We are Going on a Bear Hunt
Caring, thoughtful and honest

Mrs T Allen


I have a daughter and son. I have a dog called Shibah. I love all thinks Disney and I also love going on Holiday.

To be invisible
We are Going on a Bear Hunt
Happy, fun and friendly

Mrs Wilson

EYFS Leader / Reception teacher

I've been a teacher for 20 years and most enjoy teaching in Early Years. I love to read and my favourite food is chocolate. I am a mam and have two boys at home.

The ability to manipulate time
Literacy/ Creative activities
The Secret Garden
Loving, caring, kind

Mrs Bainbridge

Business Manager

I'm married with two children. I love going for walks with Ellis my Cockerpoo. I enjoy visiting the cinema and going on holiday.

Teleportation, so I could see the world.
The Iron Man- Ted Hughes
Reliable, creative, respectful

Mrs P Lawrance

Administrator (Play Coordinator)

I love my family, camping and music festivals

To make everyone be kind and get along.
Music and History
A Christmas Carol
Loyal, fun and Strong-minded

Mr G Burn

Site Supervisor

I am a qualified Judo club coach. I once saved a four year old boy from drowning and two years later saved a 76 year old man from drowning.

To always be able to hear when my children need me.
The Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling.
Determined, fair and honest.

Mrs C Elsey


I like walking my dog and socialising with my friends.

Purple / Pink
To stay fit
Black Beauty
Cheerful, kind and understanding

Mrs C Gowland


I like to go on holiday

Red / Black
Make myself rich
Famous Five
Happy, helpful and Loving


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