School Aims

Our Ethos and Values

At Eppleton Academy Primary School, our ethos and values give the school its strong sense of purpose and direction. We believe that everyone should be valued, respected, nurtured and encouraged to fulfil their potential within a supportive, caring, inclusive environment.

Therefore, we will:

  • provide a safe environment where pupils enjoy learning;
  • deliver high quality teaching and enjoyable learning experiences, providing opportunities for creativity, risk-taking, independence and success;
  • deliver a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum, where knowledge, skills and understanding develop at a pace matched to individual needs;
  • embrace the wider community;
  • ensure that issues of equal opportunities are considered in all our work;
  • encourage each individual to take responsibility for their behaviour and to act as good role models to others.
  • promote the fundamental British values of democracy;  rule of law; individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.
Our PRIDE motto (Politeness, Respect, Independence, Do your best and Everybody’s equal) is intrinsically embedded into everything we do at Eppleton Academy Primary School.

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