Good attendance is a high priority at Eppleton Academy Primary.  We believe that it is essential that children attend school regularly if they are to achieve their potential. Absence not only adversely affects a child's attainment but also their personal and social skills.  We value your support in helping us to maintain our high standards.  

How parents can help

  • There are obviously times when children have unplanned absences and are not able to attend school, for example due to ill health.  If this is the case, please notify the school by 9am or as soon as practically possible by telephone.
  • Arrange medical or dental appointments outside of school hours or during breaks wherever possible.
  • Notify the school in advance of a medical or dental appointment by showing the appointment card / letter at the school office.
  • Send in a note explaining the reason for absence on your child’s return to school after an illness.
  • Keeping us updated by telephone or letter if your child has an extended period of absence due to illness.
  • Arrange for children to take holidays during designated school closure times
Please do not take holiday during term time.  Unless there are special circumstances, absences will be classed as unauthorised.  Parents should write to Mrs Bushby with any such request.
We monitor attendance rates fortnightly and will inform parents if a child has dropped below the trigger.  Our school attendance target is at least 96%.
Please see below for more information regarding school attendance.
How do we promote good attendance in school?

We raise the profile of good attendance in school, with displays, workshops and assemblies which help children to explore the reasons why it is so important to come to school and what could happen if they don’t attend school regularly. 


We continue to offer rewards to classes with the highest average attendance over a term.  Children can choose, as a class, how to spend their £25 reward with previous ideas involving picnics, parties and a McDonalds treat!   We will also offer added incentives for individual children who succeed in reaching 100% attendance, with certificates and 'VIP' passes to special activity sessions in school. 


As you can see, there are so many good reasons to have good attendance at school!


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