Wake up! Shake up!

3rd May 2018

Wake up! Shake up!
Pupils are thoroughly enjoying our Wake up! Shake up! sessions in the school hall.  There is a queue at the door and at 8:35am Monday - Thursday, pupils from nursery to Y6 enjoy our early morning exercise session and are really feeling the benefits.
"It gets your body moving and helps you to concentrate in lessons." (Charlotte Y6)
"It gets your brain ready." (Jennifer, Y4)
"You can never be late for school, we're here before everybody else." (James Y4)
"It gets your heart pumping and keeps you healthy." (Tarriro Y5)
We have a favourite few routines to get us moving, from Cha Cha Slide and Eye of the Tiger to YMCA and Timber.  We also like trying out new ideas and routines.  All pupils are welcome to come and give it a try.

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