Our vision

We believe that children learn best through practical, hands-on experiences and interactions with their environment, peers and adults. Learning should be fun, engaging and suitably challenging. We believe that every child is unique and should be valued, allowing them the opportunity to develop and learn in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our aims:
  • We will give each child a happy, positive and fun start to their school life in which they can establish solid foundations on which to expand and foster a deep love of learning. 

  • We will offer each child a broad range of new and exciting experiences and give them the opportunity to consolidate, explore and test them out along with their own, individual experiences. 

  • We will provide a broad and balanced curriculum that will enable each child to develop personally, socially, emotionally, spiritually, physically, creatively and intellectually to their full potential. 

  • We will encourage children to develop independence within a loving, secure and friendly atmosphere. 

  • We will support children in building relationships through the development of social skills.  

  • We will help each child to recognise their own strengths and achievements through experiencing success and developing the confidence to work towards personal goals. 

Sound Hunt
In Nursery we have been distinguishing between different sounds. We went on a sound hunt around the school with our super listening ears to find lots of different sounds. This is part of our Phase 1 Phonics. 
'I Am Special' Biscuits
During our first topic 'All About Me And My Family Tree' we made biscuits. These were very special biscuits because we added love, kindness, friendship and happiness to the ingredients. We shared the biscuits with Reception and all of the staff. It was nice to spread a little happiness. 
Our topic for Autumn 2 is 'Celebrations'. Here are some of the fun things we did during this topic... 
As part of our Autumn 2 topic 'Celebrations' we invited parents into Nursery for a Halloween Craft Morning. We had lots of fun making scary Halloween masks and spooky spider bowls. 
Bonfire Night
As part of our topic 'Celebrations' we talked about Bonfire Night. The children enjoyed talking about their experiences of fireworks. We completed some lovely firework artwork. 
We have been learning about Diwali as part of our Celebrations topic. We read the story of Rama and Sita which the children loved re-enacting using puppets. We also made beautiful Diva Lamps. The children really loved finding out how people around the world celebrate Diwali such as making Rangoli patterns, lighting their hoses with lanterns and watching fireworks. 
Poppy Day
To celebrate Remembrance Day we made poppies and they were displayed outside the school with poppies from every year group. 
Anti- Bullying Week
During Anti-Bullying week we celebrated the importance of being different and unique. Each child decorated a stone to be displayed in the entrance of the school. It was lovely to see all of the stones together. During the week we read lots of lovely stories about the importance of being kind to others and celebrating uniqueness. 
Anti-Bullying Week
This week we have all been Bucket Fillers. Everyone has an invisible bucket that they carry around with them everyday. Each day we do our best to try and fill our buckets and other people's buckets with kindness. We try to do kind things each day such as compliment someone, hold the door open for someone, help someone etc. 
Try and be a bucket filler today!
As part of our topic we have been learning about different celebrations such as weddings and baptisms. We have looked at different ways weddings are celebrated around the world. The children loved dressing up and acting out a wedding ceremony and also  one of our class dolls. 
Road Safety Week
This week we learnt how to cross the road safely. We used the rule 'Stop, Look, Listen and Look Again'. We practiced using this rule to cross the zebra crossing. We talked about always crossing the road in a safe place and with an adult. 
Visit to Tweddle Farm to see Santa
As a celebration of Christmas we went to Tweddle Farm to visit Santa. During the visit the children were able to hold small animals such as a mouse and hedgehog and  also feed larger animals such as lambs, lamas, goats etc. We had so much fun riding on a big tractor too. Each child received a special gift from Santa. We had such a lovely day. 
The children worked really hard to tell the story of Christmas through song to their parents. 
Christmas Party
We had lots of fun at our Christmas party. We danced, sang and played games. 
Toys Topic Spring 1
To start off our new topic 'Toys' the children brought in their favourite toy. The children were really good at sharing their toy with their friends. We had lots of fun with them. 
Kinder Eggs
As part of our new topic 'Toys' we wanted to set up a toy shop in our role-play area but first we wanted the children to experience buying a toy from a real shop first. So we gave the children a purse each with £1 in it and we walked to the local shop to buy a Kinder Egg each. We were so excited to see which toy would be inside each Kinder Egg. The children each paid the shopkeeper for their Kinder Egg and experienced receiving change. The Kinder Egg was well worth the walk to the shop. 

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