Online Safety

Online Safety In School

At school we take several steps to ensure that children are kept safe while using the internet and electronic communication.

We use targeted filtering to prevent access to websites that are not suitable or may be dangerous.

Internet access in supervised and we monitor the websites that are accessed.

We use a controlled email system where we monitor the children’s emails and we limit the addresses that children can communicate with. These steps are taken protect the children from unsuitable emails and identify possible cyber bullying.

Children are also taught how to use the technology safely so that they can keep themselves safe.

We send home a copy of a magazine published by Vodafone called Digital Parenting to each child. You can read the online version by clicking here. Or you can read more about digital parenting on their website which is below. 

Online Safety At Home

Parents can have a difficult job keeping up with their children on the fast changing technology available to them, let alone knowing the dangers they face. The issues of safety, privacy, online predators or grooming and cyberbullying are sometimes complex, both technically and psychologically and parents can struggle to keep up.

To help parents we have put together a selection of links to websites that will help them to ensure that their children can reap the benefits of the Internet while staying safe.


General E-safety Websites

BBC Stay Safe -

Kidsmart -

Childnet International -

Digizen -

Google Family Centre -

Parent Info - 


Internet Filtering

All of the big internet providers can enable internet filtering help you protect your children from unsuitable websites. The link below from Safer Internet provides information about filtering your home internet connection. But you should remember that your child may have access to the internet on their mobile device by using internet provider my the mobile provider or by connecting to other wireless services.

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