Year Five

Mindfulness and Yoga

We took part in a mindfulness and yoga session linked to anti-bullying week. We had lots of fun. Here we are doing lots of stretching and yoga moves.

Odd Sock Day - Anti-bullying Week 2018
To kick start our anti-bullying week we celebrated Odd Sock Day - This is to remind us that everyone is different!  This year's theme is 'Choose Respect.' We made posters in class to display, all about the importance of showing respect. 

Only One You

We read the story, ‘Only One You’ by Linda Kranz. We talked about how everyone is unique and different. We also discussed how it is ok to be different. We designed and painted stones to contribute to a whole school display.

We also developed our art skills by learning about a new type of paint called acrylic. We learned about the properties of acrylic and why we would use this instead of other types of paint.

Here are some photographs of us in action:

Durham Cathedral Music Project - Rehearsals

We have been doing lots of rehearsing for our up and coming performance at Durham Cathedral!

Sports leaders

We attended the Silksworth Tennis Centre and took part in an afternoon of sports leadership training. Here is us in action:

Remembrance Day

We learned all about the importance of Remembrance Day and why we mark the day using poppies. We created poppies using a variety of materials and PVA glue. We left them to dry and they became like a stain glass window. Our poppies were then laminated and hung around the school grounds to mark Remembrance day!

Here are some photographs of us in action:

Planet Presentation by Eve

Eve created a Powerpoint presentation at home and presented this to the class. She did a great job! Well Done Eve!!!

Colour Mixing – Painting the Planets

We learned about using the primary colours to make a variety of other colours. We learned about using a mixing palette to create a range of different colours. We then applied these colours to some display work based on the planets. We worked in small groups and painted the planets. Miss Defty demonstrated how to create texture and pattern in different ways. We used stippling to create textures.  Here are some photos of us in action:


Here are some photographs of us having a great time during OPAL at playtime.

RNLI Water Safety Talk 

Two lifeguards from the RNLI came to speak to Year 5 & 6. They taught us about keeping safe around water outdoors and indoors. They taught us the meaning of SAFE. We learned the meaning of the flags on the beach and were shown the equipment lifeguards have to help.  


Google Internet Legends Assembly

We took part in an assembly presented by Google. The assembly was all about being an internet legend. This links to our work we have been doing in Year 5 and around the school on E-Safety. Here are some photographs of the things we did:

Earth, Sun and Moon Models 
We made a model to help us to understand and explain the orbits of the Earth, Sun and Moon.
Leaf Art Morning 
Due to our STOMP workshop being cancelled at last minute Year 5 had an alternative morning in school. 

Year 5 have been creating pictures using things we found in the school grounds. We went on an autumn leaf hunt and found lots of different size and shape leaves and sticks. We left them to dry. We found pictures on the internet of our chosen animals. We used these to create  our pictures. We had loads of fun! Here is us in action:


Roman Numerals with Lolly Sticks 
Year 5 P.E
Year 5 have been enjoying improving their ball skills in P.E through bench ball and throw tennis as well as practising their sprinting and jumping in Athletics.
Year 2017-2018 
Photography Stars
Well done to an amazing member of our class, who not only won the school and regional rounds of the Rotary club's photography competition, but came 4th in the Nationals, gaining a 'highly commended'. Well done - very well deserved, your photographs were brilliant!
Life Centre
Y5 and Y6 visited the Life Centre in Newcastle, where they had the chance to explore Science! Following our Earth and Space topic, Y5 took part in the Destination Space workshop, where they were given a message from British ESA astronaut, Tim Peake, and even took part in astronaut training! Additionally, the children explored the Brain Zone & Curiosity Zone, where they saw a real human brain and were able to examine their own brainwaves! Along with the Science Experiment Show we were lucky enough to watch, the children also got to experience the 4D Motion Ride - robot edition!
The children had a brilliant, enjoyable day and are already asking when we can return!
Destination Space Workshop:
Brain/Curiosity Zones & Science Show:
More Pen Licences...
Well done to two more of our Y5 children for gaining their pen licence, keep up the hard work!
Y4 & Y5 visited the SafetyWorks fire safety and rescue centre, where they took part in various workshops (fire safety, railway safety, internet safety and water safety), taking away with them valuable knowledge and skills to keep themselves and those around them safe - particularly this summer!
More Pen Licences!
Well done to three more of our Y5 children for gaining their pen licences this week - you have worked so hard to achieve this!
Today, we enjoyed a picnic down by our school fire pit to celebrate winning the Termly Attendance Award! Well done Y5 - keep it up!
In connection with the local Rotary Club, we have picked our very own RotaKids! This is an exciting chance for these children to lead and engage in important, lively activities that will make a positive difference in school, in the local community and globally.
Meet our Y5 RotaKids...

Sport Leaders


We have recently selected a group of Sports Leaders in Y5, who will take on an important role in school; leading sports activities with the younger children, assisting in PE lessons and in Sports Day!


They've already assisted in PE lessons; creating and running obstacle courses and circuits for the class!


Pen Licences

We have recently introduced pen licences to our school. Our Y5 children have been excited and are working very hard with their handwriting to earn theirs!


We are currently developing our map skills to help us locate the world's countries using an atlas and other types of maps - e.g. OS maps and digital maps.
We have been very busy in Science! We have completed many investigations including: the force of gravity pulling on objects (measuring the mass and weight of objects using scales and Newton metres), the effects of air resistance (testing three parachutes and seeing which fell the slowest), and the effects of friction (testing the speed of toy cars on different surface materials).
World Book Day!
We enjoyed celebrating World Book Day; we completed a 'name that character/book' quiz and played a class game of Guess Who (book character edition)!
Spring Term
Last term, we studied Earth and Space. Along with a description and a narrative, we analysed a biography about famous astronaut, John Glenn, before writing one of our own!
We also spent time researching the main events in space history since 1942 and the different ways in which astronauts can explore the solar system (shown in our posters below, which we presented to our class).
One of our favourite lessons included creating our own piece of space-themed music!


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