Year Four

Visit From a Dentist
Just before half term, John, who is a dentist at Hetton Dental Practice, visited us to show us the differences between the teeth of humans and the teeth of animals (herbivores and carnivores). He also taught us about foods that are beneficial and harmful to our teeth, and how we should try to look after them and keep them clean.
Later on in his visit, we put hard boiled eggs in a variety of liquids to see which ones might  harm our teeth. We are going to leave the eggs in the liquids over half term to see what happens to the shells. We all predicted which liquid might do the most damage. We will use indicator paper later, which will tell us which liquid is the most acidic.
Once those eggs are removed from the jars, we will put in some more eggs. These eggs have had one half coated in toothpaste, so we can see how much protection toothpaste gives to our teeth.
Thank you John for our "goody bags" and for a very informative visit.
Making Cheese
We have been learning about Ancient Greek Food. We found out that they kept goats, milked them and made the milk into cheese. We had a go at making some too. Mmmmmm, delicious!
Be Internet Legends!
Meg and Jez from Google visited KS2 today to teach us how to "Be Internet Legends". We learned how to surf safely and realised that it was really important to be kind to others when online. Thank you for these really important messages.
Food in Ancient Greece

Yesterday, in our classroom, we investigated “Ancient Greek faeces”, to see what food had been eaten thousands of years ago. We thought this activity was going to be disgusting, although surprisingly, it was fun!

 First of all, we carefully searched through all of the poo with a cocktail stick to scavenge for any undigested food. We separated the poo from anything else we found.

 Afterwards, we stuck the food we had found on a piece of paper, having previously cross referenced it with food items in a tub, which were on a table nearby. This helped us to identify what it was.

 Then, we labelled the food we had discovered, making sure it was written neatly on the piece of paper beside the actual food. Items found were lemon pips, olive stones, fish bones, herbs and spices. We were interested to find that the Ancient Greeks mustn’t have eaten any potatoes, bananas, tomatoes or peppers, as we didn’t find any evidence of these. There was no evidence of meat either, and we later learned that the Ancient Greeks ate little or no meat.

Finally, we tidied up, washed our hands and sampled some of the food items. To sum it up, one of us stated, "This was a fun activity, which the whole class enjoyed and learned a lot from."

Y4 Trip To Arbeia 
On Friday 6th July Y4 visited Arbeia Roman Fort. They had fun pretending to be archaeologists, digging up artefacts to gain an understanding of what life was like for the people living there back then. They also had lots of time exploring the site, looking at reconstructions of the commanding officer's home, soldiers quarters and the Westgate of the fort.
Rounders festival
Year 4 showed great skills and sportsmanship at the Sunderland Schools' rounders festival.  They won all three games in their round and made it into the final! They played a draw and became joint winners! Well done!
Young Photographer
Today, we were pleased to welcome Mr. Burland from Houghton Rotary Club. He came to school to present three of our pupils with prizes they had won in the final of the "Michael Clough Trophy". The winner of this trophy went on to represent the Houghton area of the Rotary Club of Britain and Ireland in the "Young Photographer Competition".
One child in our class came 2nd in the "Michael Clough Trophy" competition. (See her picture below.) Someone in Year 5 came third. The winner of this competition was also from our school, and went into the North East final (which she also won). Then she went on to represent the North East in the National Final. She didn't win, but her photographs were "highly commended". Well done Eppleton. Brilliant efforts and excellent photography.
STEM Activities
We visited Hetton School to take part in some STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)  activities. It was a fun filled day, with lots of excitement. It was great meeting children from other schools and the Secondary School teachers too.  We LOVED making slime in Science! 
Year 4 Cricket Festival
We took part in the Cricket Festival at Eppleton Cricket Club. We competed in a "Quick Cricket" competition against lots of different schools and teams. Our class had three teams. One team won their group, then went on to win the whole tournament! Well done everyone - it was a fabulous day, with great weather, great sportsmanship and excellent behaviour.
Stephanie and Louise (our Community Support Officers) came to school to teach us all about being safe online. We learned about how to use social media, emails and the internet SAFELY.
The Sikh Gurdwara
We all went on a visit to the Sikh Gurdwara in Sunderland. We were made very welcome and learned all about Sikhism. These photos show all of the different things we saw and the places we visited. Our guide was Priya.
We started off by covering our heads, removing our shoes and washing our hands for cleanliness and respect. Then we went to the Diwan Hall (the room where worship takes place). We walked in with our hands held together in prayer and knelt in front of the Guru Granth Sahib. This is the book of Sikh scriptures and shows the word of God.

The Guru Granth Sahib is given enormous respect. Every evening it is put to bed and at the beginning of the next day, the Granthi, and any other Sikhs present,  carry the Guru Granth Sahib to its position on the Manji Sahib (the small platform on which the Guru Granth Sahib is placed) in the Diwan hall. The Guru Granth Sahib is never placed on the ground and Sikhs never turn their back on it. When it is being read, a special fan (called a chauri) is waved over the pages.

After Priya had explained all about Sikhism and its Gurus, symbols and festivals, we went to the Langar Hall, where we were invited to eat and drink. Langar is the community kitchen, where a free meal is served to ALL visitors, regardless of their religion, gender or whether people are rich or poor. This free meal is always vegetarian.

Finally, the children who had brought a donation, went back to the Diwan Hall to put it in the collection box.

We had a fabulous morning, which we will remember for a long time to come. We would recommend this visit to everyone. Thank you to  Priya and all staff at the Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara, Sunderland.

Pen Licences
Our handwriting is so neat, we have been awarded our pen licences. Well done to everyone!
In Science lessons, we learned about the different habitats of animals. We looked around the school grounds.
Making Pizzas
We all made pizzas in our DT lesson, then wrote down the instructions for all to follow in our writing books. Mrs. James had a lovely tea that night!
Using the class camera
One of our Dojo rewards is to use the class camera. One child took these lovely pictures on the yard one playtime.
Water Wise
Children were in the hall, finding out about water safety from some real lifeguards. We even had a chance to dress up!

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