Year One

Year 1 2018-2019
As part of our work on seasons we dressed the toys in clothes appropriate for each season.
Year 1 made a living pictogram to show which season each of the children were born in.
Year 1 collected lots of things on their autumn walk, and we investigated them when we got back to the classroom.
Sorting deciduous and evergreen leaves.
Maths and conkers!
Year 1 and 2 had a great time at the Silksworth Park Fun Run!
Year 1 visited The Botanic Gardens in Durham as part of our science topics on 'Seasons' and 'Animals'.
We looked at all the deciduous and evergreen trees in the gardens.
Jen told us that the bees are becoming extinct.
We made bug hotels so that the bugs could hibernate.
We learnt about animals using camouflage.
Year 1 visited Durham Castle as part of our topic 'Dragons and Castles'

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