Year Six

Proud to Share
We are not only proud of our Year 6 children for their brilliant SATs results and all of their hard work, resilience and positivity this year, but we are proud of the recognition many of them received in our annual end of year Celebration Assembly this week. The children were recognised for their determination, attitude, effort, progress and achievement in many curriculum areas: sport, maths, reading, handwriting, history, art and so on, as well as for overall outstanding achievement/progress, attendance, attitude and being a mega star! 
Year 6, what an amazing and successful year it has been!
What happens when we exercise?
We conducted an investigation into what happened to our heart rate before, during and after exercise. We took each other's pulse, counting the beats per 30 seconds and doubling this figure to discover how many beats per minute (bpm) - we did this before exercise, immediately after 1 minute of intense exercise and another minute after that to see the changes. Most of us were correct in predicting that our heart rate would be low at resting, sharply increase during and straight after exercise, before decreasing and going back to (or close to) our original resting heart rate.
Brilliant Bread
We recently made bread as part of our D&T project for our topic, WWII (in relation to what we had learned about rationing). We planned the process and what ingredients we would need and designed what we wanted the appearance of our bread to look like, before making it and then evaluating our finished product (self and peer assessment), which we must admit was cooked to perfection and was completely fit for purpose as it was perfectly edible!
Hit the Surf/Seaburn Beach
What a brilliant time we hat at Seaburn Beach, taking part in the Hit the Surf programme. Along with a theory lesson on staying safe at the beach and the role of lifeguards (specifically the RNLI), we took part in practical lessons in lifesaving and surf-based skills, discovered common hazards and gained a HTS certificate.
Following this, we remained on the beach for the rest of the day, relaxing in the beautiful weather and having fun together in our final term at Eppleton!
SATs are over!
After all of our hard work, we celebrated with a SATs party at the end of the week! We created our own buffet, put on our favourite tunes and had a great time!
Eden Camp

Year 6 recently visited Eden Camp, where we experienced the sights, sounds and smells of life during WWII, all set in the buildings and grounds of an original Prisoner of War Camp! One of our favourite activities was the Blitz hideout/hut, which was a small dark building with sirens and screams playing in the background (we definitely weren’t scared!). Our other favourite activities included: the Prisoner of War hut, the newspaper room (a room filled with 1939-1945 newspapers), the Uniform Room, which was filled with old-fashioned medals and uniforms, a model WW2 rifle and huge tank and, last but not least, the 2-hour bus ride home!

(Written by one of our Y6 pupils).

Under which conditions does mould grow the fastest on bread?
Year 6 have been investigating the conditions in which mould grows the fastest (as part of our living things and their habitats topic, focusing on microorganisms).
They kept the bread for a number of days under a range of conditions - e.g. dry, damp, in the light and in the dark etc.
After 5-6 days, we had our result and were able to discuss whether or not our predictions were correct.
Your country needs you - the Battle of Britain!
Y6 have entered the world of WWII and are currently wrapped up in learning about many aspects of it, including: what events led to the outbreak, evacuation, rationing and the role of women.
As well as completing research and giving thoughtful responses to many historical questions, the children have written some beautiful poems about the sad event of evacuation.
Read some amazing examples below...
End of term
Over the last term we have completed some brilliant work and completed many fun things: we made our own Punch and Judy puppets, developed our ball skills in PE, focused on cyber bullying and top tips for e-safety, composed a Victorian street selling tune, made Christingles with Y2 and the local church, many of us went to Derwent Hill, and we finished the term with a Christmas party!
Reading Buddies
Every Friday, towards the end of the day, we go down to Reception, where we buddy up with one of the younger children and read with them.
We love doing this and look forward to it every week!
Victorian Street Sellers
As part of our Victorian topic, we looked at and listened to their music. We then used the street sellers from the film, 'Oliver Twist', to inspire our own street selling songs.
Along with our voices, we used a range of instruments to create our own, original songs.
Real PE
After practising our ball skills, where we had to work on our balance and coordination, we had a competitive game of bench ball. Here we are in action...
Congratulations and a huge well done!
We had a record-breaking number of candidates for our Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl positions this year!
All of the children gave an amazing presentation and it was very close, but here are our chosen 4, as voted by the rest of the school...
Welcome to the start of a new year!
We are excited to be back and look forward to the rewards and challenges that Year 6 will bring!
Already, we have completed fun activities in Science: including modelling how light travels and how we see things & investigating refraction and how light changes direction and bends as it travels through transparent materials - this really blew our minds!
Y6 End of Term Overnight Camping
At the children's request, Mrs Bushby agreed to another 'camp night'  for the Year Six children as a reward for all of their hard work this year. We spent part of our morning working with Mr Metcalfe, Mrs Jackson, Mrs Busbhy and Miss Vernon putting up the teepees in preparation for our overnight stay.
Arriving at 6pm, on a beautiful summer's night, we quickly unpacked and prepared our beds for the night  - we even gave a helping hand to Miss Stoker, whose tent was so much easier than a teepee to set up!
Some of us chose to spend part of the evening playing our favourite game - football! We played like England, even in our sleep-wear!
We enjoyed exploring the school grounds, tree climbing, playing on the tyres and being with our classmates:
Mr Metcalfe's fantastic fire-pit was put to great use once again, as we toasted giant marshmallows and enjoyed Mrs Jackson's hot chocolate (the wheelie-bin, however, was a questionable choice of hostess trolley).
One of the highlights of the evening was competing against one another (and the staff) in the "Party Ring Challenge!" Trying to nibble a party ring attached to a piece of string to the smallest possible size, without using your hands, may sound easy, but it certainly wasn't! It was great fun though! Jess claimed victory amongst the girls; Rhys amongst the boys and Mrs Lawrence was the victorious staff nibbler! In a tense, nail-biting final, Rhys took overall victory - much to the displeasure of Mrs Lawrence who was desperate to win the remaining party rings to keep as a midnight snack! Well done Rhys!
At the end of a fun-filled night, we retired to our teepees... exhausted? No, not quite! Would we do it all again? Yes! It was an amazing end to our primary school journey!
Year 6 would like to say a big "thank you" to: Mrs Bushby, Mrs Jackson, Mr Metcalfe, Miss Stoker, Miss Vernon, Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Allen and Miss Marsh, all of who made our end of year camping night such a success!
Y6 Working With Reception
Whilst Mrs Wilson, Mrs Bushby and Mrs Jackson welcomed September's new starters, our Year 6 children enjoyed spending part of the morning working with the children in our current Reception Class. It was a real pleasure to see the children enjoying books together during paired reading and the older children were very impressed by the reading abilities of their younger counterparts!
We "buddied up" and had great fun playing games like hide and seek and 'tig'  together on the Key Stage 2 yard. We also really enjoyed the tyres and adventure trail too!   
We also thoroughly enjoyed playing parachute games together; Cat and Mouse being our favourite! The Reception "cats" took great delight in capturing the Year 6 "mice."
Y6 Life Centre Visit
Following our Animal Adaptation and Inheritance & Evolution topics, our Year 6 class visited the Life Centre in Newcastle where they thoroughly enjoyed taking part in their fantastic Science workshops. Our morning was taken up looking in detail at the life and work of the famous naturalist, Charles Darwin, with a specific focus on animal, plant and bird life in the Galapagos Islands. We really enjoyed discovering how the finches (birds) on some of the islands have evolved and adapted to their particular environments in order to survive. We investigated how the size and structure of their beaks differed from island to island depending on the seeds or insects they found there as a food source.
Using different sized paper clips to represent the variety of Finches' beaks, we explored Darwin's mind-changing, Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection, investigating how these birds adapted to their environments in order to survive!
We had interesting and thought-provoking discussions about climate change and  invasive plant and animal species too!
Zone Exploration, Science Show & Planetarium
The children had an amazing time exploring both the Brain and Curiosity Zones, where they enjoyed investigating a range of hands-on, fun, scientific, problem-solving activities. How fantastic too, was the live Science Experiment Show in which we learnt about the gases all around us and discovered their many uses?  We also discovered the wonders of the cosmos in the Centre's state-of-the-art planetarium... we sat back, relaxed and enjoyed a visual voyage around the night sky and its constellations as we travelled through the solar system!   
All of the children had a fabulous day and we would highly recommend a visit to the Life Centre to everyone - young or old. It was amazing!
Y6 Pizza Party
On Friday 11th May 2018, to celebrate the end of Key Stage 2 SATs, all of our Y6 children were treated to a post-test pizza party! The children have worked extremely hard and Mrs Bushby thought they deserved a special treat! Our delicious delivery from Dominoes was delectable, as were the many tasty treats that the children brought in from home! Thank you to everyone! We are really proud of all the hard work and effort that our children have put in during lessons and Booster sessions and we know they enjoyed their party enormously. Well done everyone!
RotaKids have arrived at Eppleton Academy!
Having established links with our local Rotary Club, Eppleton have now selected our very own Rotakids! We are very excited by the new opportunities we will have to participate actively in exciting activities which will impact positively, not only on our school and the local area, but also on a global scale. 
Congratulations to Jack Hudson (Vice-President and Secretary), Kayci Metcalfe (Treasurer), Charlotte Anderson (President), Demileigh Oxley and Jessica Lane on their recent Rotakids status.

SAT’s Test Timetable 2017 - 2018




English grammar, punctuation and spelling test

Paper 1: short answer questions (45 minutes)

Paper 2: spelling (15 minutes)

     Monday 14th May

English reading test

Paper 1: Reading comprehension (60 minutes)

     Tuesday 15th May


Paper 1: arithmetic (30 minutes)

Paper 2: reasoning (40 minutes)

     Wednesday 16th May


Paper 3: reasoning (40 minutes)

     Thursday 17th May


Y6 Camping
On Thursday 21st September 2017, our Year 6 children experienced spending the whole night camping in our brand-new teepees! The class took part in lots of fun activities and games during the evening and thoroughly enjoyed developing their bush craft skills too! Mr Metcalfe built the school an amazing fire-pit where we toasted marshmallows, shared stories and enjoyed each others company. We had an amazing night and devoured a tasty breakfast in school the following morning too! We can't wait to do it again!

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