Year Two

We've had a fantastic time at our SATS celebration party.
Year 2 have received a visit from the chicks to inspire their report writing.
On the 17th April Year 2 visited Beamish Open Air Museum to learn about transport through time.
Year 2 completed a 'Tall Ships' workshop. They travelled back in time and acted out different scenes.
Nick Toczek inspired Year 2 to become poets themselves. They had lots of fun making hilarious poetry.
Year 2 P.E
Year two have been finding their pulse and carrying out fitness tests during their Health Related Exercise P.E lessons.  They have also enjoyed practising and improving their 'Fancy Footwork' - hopping, skipping, hop scotch and galloping!
Year 2 2018- 2019!
Year 1 and 2 had an exciting morning at Silksworth Fun Run!

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