Year Two

We've had a fantastic time at our SATS celebration party.
Year 2 have received a visit from the chicks to inspire their report writing.
On the 17th April Year 2 visited Beamish Open Air Museum to learn about transport through time.
Year 2 completed a 'Tall Ships' workshop. They travelled back in time and acted out different scenes.
Nick Toczek inspired Year 2 to become poets themselves. They had lots of fun making hilarious poetry.
Year 2 2018- 2019!
Year 2 P.E
Year two have been finding their pulse and carrying out fitness tests during their Health Related Exercise P.E lessons.  They have also enjoyed practising and improving their 'Fancy Footwork' - hopping, skipping, hop scotch and galloping!
Year 1 and 2 had an exciting morning at Silksworth Fun Run!
Our Polar Express Day!
Year 2 have had a fabulous day on board The Polar Express! We have sang songs, completed Christmas activities and even watched the film whilst drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and eating cookies!
Year 2 Spring Term
Year 2 have been very busy this term. Our topic is all about space. We have been learning about Neil Armstrong and we have even made our very own rockets and rocket fuel. We had to write instructions on how to make the rocket fuel!
Year 2 have worked really hard this term. We have been learning all about space and Neil Armstrong. For our school trip we visited the Center For Life and investigated which material was the best to make a space suit. Our results showed that the best material was cotton! We also got to explore lots of different science stations and watch some interesting science experiments you can do in a kitchen. 
Year 2 have worked so hard this half term. They have showed true resilience during their SATs. We have loved our new breakout sessions on a Friday afternoon. We've learnt lots of interesting things and even had our very own debate which we were excellent at. We have celebrated the end of our SATs with a little party in the classroom. We had so much fun!

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