Our Approach To The Curriculum

The provision of an exciting curriculum is pivotal to how children learn and develop during their time at school. We are determined that our curriculum will be rich, broad and deep and personalised to the unique needs of our pupils.

We follow a knowledge engaged approach, where knowledge is a focus but underpins and enables the application of skills. 

Within year groups, overarching topics have been carefully chosen to interest and engage our pupils and also allow depth of learning.  Staff plan and teach lessons which link aspects of the curriculum together in a meaningful way, through a thematic approach.  Links are made where possible between subjects, without losing sight of specific subject disciplines.  Learning also occurs outside of the thematic approach with some subjects e.g. Maths, PE, Computing, RE and French taught discretely.

We deliver a curriculum that prepares children for the next stage of their lives, promoting an appreciation of life in modern Britain and instilling in children a sense of the core British values to enhance their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.  While they are with us children are 'learning for life'.

At Eppleton Academy Primary School, we are committed to delivering a high quality and stimulating curriculum, that also provides opportunities for creativity, risk-taking, independence and success.   

We aim to follow the National Curriculum with the key drivers of Raising Aspirations and Reading at the core of our curriculum. To ensure that our aims are met effectively, all staff are currently involved in further curriculum review and further curriculum development.

 We hope that you find all of the information which you need about our curriculum using the links available.  However, if you require further information about the curriculum please contact your child's class teacher or Mrs Jackson (Deputy Head Teacher) for further information.

National Curriculum Programme of Study

Curriculum Sections

For more detailed information surrounding our curriculum we have broken down some areas below.  



Curriculum Intent



Curriculum Intent



Early Years Foundation Stage



(Breakout Curriculum)


Subject Overviews

Wider curriculum areas


Medium Term Plans

Autumn Term